Collision Checklist & Top Tips

Collision Checklist

Nobody wants to be involved in a crash, but if you are, this checklist my help

  1. If anyone needs medical care, call for an ambulance and offer First Aid if you can.

  2. Switch on your hazard lights and if possible, make sure the vehicles involved are moved to a safe place.

  3. If there is any obstruction in the road, if a car involved has failed to stop or if any other driver is aggressive or uncooperative call the Police!

Find out what to do if you are in a Collision

General Advice

  • Don’t admit Liability.

  • Get details of any witnesses.

  • Don’t put yourself in danger to make the area safe.

  • Take any valuables with you if you have to leave your car.

  • If you can, take any photos at the scene.

  • Record the accident with the Police even if its minor.

  • Tell your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident.


  • Insurance premiums are higher for new young drivers because you are classed as being in a "high risk group". But there are some things you can do to help keep them down.

  • Having telematics, a "black box" fitted to your car to demonstrate that you are a low-risk driver.

  • Improving your car security

  • Gaining additional driving qualifications such as Pass Plus

  • Buying a lower risk car

  • Driving safely to gain your No Claims Bonus

  • Keeping your mileage down

You must be honest about who the main driver of the vehicle is, being a named driver on someone else's insurance will not cover you if you are the main driver of the car.