Road Safety

Here in Greater Manchester alone 504 people were killed or seriously injured on the roads in 2022. 38 of these were fatal incidents. (Data taken from TFGM Casualty Dashboard, please note this includes all road users.)

Firefighters from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) attend Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) whenever someone is trapped in a vehicle, or when they are required to help make the area safe or put out a vehicle fire.

We now rescue more people from RTCs than we do from fires - so we are keen to work with our partners to do all we can to keep people safe on our roads.

On this page we have provided you with links to information about the risks associated with driving and how to avoid them.

The 8 Highway Code changes you need to know from 29 January 2022 - website

Keeping your Children Safe

Learn about Child Seats & keeping your children safe on the roads

Young Drivers

Find out more about the partner initiatives we run to help younger drivers

Older Drivers

Find out about 'Safer Driving for Longer' which helps experienced older drivers

Sharing the Road

We need to share the road with each other safely, and this section looks at some of the issues for different road user groups.

Staying Safe on Motorways

Learn about keeping safe and what the Red X means on our motorways


Safe Drive Stay Alive

Find out more about Safe Drive Stay Alive

Fatal 4

Find out more about 'The Fatal 4' along with lots of helpful advice for different road users.

Winter Road Safety

Find out more about winter driving checks, before you travel