Halloween Safety Advice

Halloween costumes

Children’s Halloween costumes and other seasonal or themed costumes are currently classified as toys. You should check they are CE marked to ensure they meet the required safety standards.

All garments have a risk of being flammable, it’s important to keep them away from naked flames.

Adults are also urged to make sure they are not using candles when children and young people are wearing these costumes, as tests have shown they can be engulfed in flames in as little as nine seconds. 

Please stay safe by following our brief advice.


  • wear fancy dress clothing on Bonfire Night while bonfires and fireworks are alight
  • burn candles when young children are present
  • use burning candles in the home when anyone is under the influence of alcohol
  • leave burning candles unattended or leave them burning while asleep
  • move a burning candle or tea light


  • keep costumes away from naked flames to prevent you or young children from sustaining devastating burns
  • use LED candles, which display the correct kite mark, as an alternative
  • if you are going to burn candles, it is essential insulated holders are used, to reduce the likelihood of accident or injury
  • always use a candle snuffer or metal spoon to safely extinguish a burning candle
  • be aware that drafts from open windows can knock over candles or bend the flame to ignite decorations, curtain or carpets

If your clothing does catch fire:

  1. Stop what you’re doing and stay very still
  2. Drop to the floor
  3. Roll backwards and forwards until the flames are out


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