Cook Safe

In total last year, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service attended 603 residential fires caused by cooking, which was almost half of all accidental fires in the home in Greater Manchester in 2022. 

The main aim of the Cook Safe campaign is to reduce the number of accidental fires that start in the kitchen by providing cooking and kitchen fire safety information for residents, focusing on five key messages:

  • Never leave your cooking unattended
  • Don’t get distracted while cooking
  • Take care when frying - hot oil or fat can easily catch fire​
  • Don’t use a chip pan. Try oven alternatives or use a thermostat controlled fryer
  • Never cook if you’ve been drinking alcohol

Read our Cooking and Kitchen Safety Advice

To help us promote the Cook Safe campaign, we have a range of resources for you to download and share.

Social media toolkit 

Social media suggested messages (Word, 799KB)

Images for Facebook and Twitter (ZIP, 3.95MB)

Images for Instagram (ZIP, 5.94MB)

MP4s for Facebook and Twitter - two bundles due to large file sizes. Bundle one (ZIP, 26.3MB)Bundle two (ZIP, 27.7MB)

MP4s for Instagram - two bundles due to large file sizes. Bundle one (ZIP, 29.8MB) / Bundle two (ZIP, 29.3MB)

Posters, beer mats and leaflets

Posters, five designs (PDF, 1.56MB)

Beer mats (PDF, 761KB)

Cooking Fire Safety leaflet (PDF, 2.58MB)

If you’re planning on using our resources please let us know and we would welcome your feedback about them. If you have any questions please email