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Barbecue sets fire to balcony bench as firefighters urge residents to stay safe

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is urging residents to be safe with barbecues after one was left unattended, setting fire to a bench on a balcony.

Firefighters were called to a house on Windermere Road, Middleton, at around 10pm yesterday (Monday, May 4.) Crews found a fire involving a portable barbecue left unattended on a balcony, with flames then spreading to a nearby wooden bench.

Working quickly, firefighters extinguished the fire using a hose and were at the scene for around 30 minutes.

Barbecues can be dangerous, and residents are urged to:

  • NEVER leave barbecues unattended
  • NEVER use a barbecue on your balcony under any circumstance
  • Make sure your barbecue is on a safe, flat non-combustible surface and well away from fences, plants, garden furniture and other flammable items
  • Keep a bucket of water and/or a hose pipe nearby in case of emergencies
  • Concentrate on what you're doing - it's easy to be distracted
  • Alcohol consumption increases the risk of accidents occurring. Always take care using cooking fire

GMFRS Head of Prevention, Area Manager Paul Fearnhead said: “It is really important that residents are vigilant when enjoying BBQs as when left unattended they can soon become a problem.

“We were fortunate that we were able to get this incident quickly under control and stop it spreading further.

“With the Bank Holiday weekend coming up, and many people expected to enjoy VE Day celebrations, this is a timely reminder of why it is so important to be careful when having a barbecue.

“We want people to enjoy themselves at home when the weather is nice but please do so carefully, and just as importantly right now, at your own home and only with the people you live with.”

For more information on how to keep you and your family safe check our website.


05/05/2020 14:30 PM