Fire Salford

Residents urged to be safe when disposing of charcoal and ashes

Firefighters are urging people to be safe when disposing of the contents of chimneys and barbecues after a wheelie bin fire which destroyed a car and spread to two houses.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) was called at 11.15am on Saturday, April 11 to the fire in Cadishead, Salford. 

The fire is believed to have started after the occupant had put charcoal remains from a chimney, which had been used the previous evening, into a wheelie bin, believing they were properly extinguished.

The occupier then left to undertake their daily exercise and a fire started in the bin, which then spread to a car on the driveway and two houses.

A fire engine from Irlam, supported by two crews from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, attended and firefighters wearing two breathing apparatus used two hose reels to extinguish the fire.  

The building damage was contained to the single-storey extension of one property and a window of the other. Unfortunately, the car was destroyed in the fire.

People are being urged to never put ashes and other remains from chimneys or barbecues straight into the bin and to ensure the materials have properly cooled down before doing so.

GMFRS Head of Prevention Paul Fearnhead said: “It is only thanks to the quick response of firefighters that this fire did not cause more damage than it did.

“With the warm and sunny weather set to continue for the next few days, we are urging people to please dispose of ashes and charcoal properly. So please, if you are using a chimney or having a barbecue, be careful and make sure any remains are cold before they go in the bin. 

“I would also urge everyone to familiarise themselves with our advice on having a barbecue and storing waste safely.” 

For more information and advice on barbecue safety visit the Barbecue safety advice page.

For information on disposing of waste safely visit: advice on disposing of waste safely.

14/04/2020 14:22 PM