Blackley Community Fire Station, Manchester

Façade of the new station:

Architect's illustration of proposed façade of Blackley Fire station 

As we continue to invest in what matters most to us – our people, our communities, and our future – GMFRS is having a series of brand-new community fire stations built in the coming years.

The first of the new stations, which form part of GMFRS’s 16-year Estates Improvement Programme, will be in Blackley. The current station on Rochdale Road will be replaced with a new station boasting improved community facilities and reduced carbon footprint.

GMFRS’s firefighters from Blackley have now temporarily relocated to their neighbouring station in Philips Park, following their final parade at the old Blackley station on the morning of Thursday 12 October 2023.

Blue Watch Blackley - last parade at Blackley station

Red Watch Blackley with Philips Park - first joint parade at Philips Park station

Although based at Philips Park, Blackley’s firefighters will continue their usual duties in and around Blackley’s station area, including prevention activities, school visits and training.

The new station in Blackley is expected to be complete by summer 2025 with progress of the new station to be shared on our social media channels.

You can also follow the links below to see the full floor plan and site plan for Blackley Community Fire Station: