What to do in a collision?

Collision Checklist

Nobody want to be involved in a crash, but if you are, this checklist may help

  1. If anyone needs medical care, call for an ambulance and offer First Aid if you can.
  2. Switch on our Hazard Lights and if possible, make sure the vehicles involved are moved to a safe place, where possible.
  3. If there is any obstruction in the road, if a car involved has failed to stop or if any other driver is aggressive or uncooperative, call the Police!

General Advice

  • Don't admit liability
  • Get details of any witnesses
  • Don't put yourself in danger to make the area safe
  • Take any valuables with you if you have to leave your car
  • If you can, take any photos at the scene
  • Record the accident with the Police, even if it's minor
  • Tell your Insurance Company as soon as possible after the incident

For more information read The Glovebox Guide for the collision check list and top tips