Safe Drive Stay Alive Competition Winners

Safe Drive Stay Alive 2023 Competition Winners

We are happy to announce our winners who entered our competition following last year’s delivery of Safe Drive Stay Alive in November 2023 at The Middleton Arena. We celebrated our 10th year anniversary of delivery last year and to mark the occasion we increased our prizes as a thank you to all students taking part.

Students were invited to take part in our independent evaluation carried out by the University of Liverpool. 

To be eligible for the Prize Draw, all three surveys had to be completed or the participation in our online Focus Groups. Schools/Groups were chosen at random by the researchers and students were invited to take part in online groups.

Congratulations to our Winners!

£350 Apple Vouchers were presented to Lydia Maud from Hazel Grove Sixth Form School and David Baker from Lymm High School for taking part in our Focus Groups. £250 Amazon Vouchers were presented to Anushkad Bhagwat from Didsbury High School and Patrick Wheeler from Altrincham Grammar School for Boys. £250 worth of Driving Lesson Vouchers were chosen by two winners, Daisy Boyer from Wellington Sixth Form and Sarah Chowdhury from Didsbury High School for completing Pre/Post and Follow up Surveys.

Competition Prize Winner     Competition Winner  

Left to right - Lydia Maud - Hazel Grove Sixth Form & David Baker - Lymm High School for taking part in Focus Groups.

Competition Winners    Competition Winner    Competition Winner

Left to right - Anushkad Bhagwat & Sarah Chowdhury - Didsbury High School & Patrick Wheeler - Altrincham Grammar for Boys & Daisy Boyer - Wellington Sixth Form for taking part in our On-Line Pre/Post/Follow Up Surveys.

We are currently in the process of reviewing our evaluation with the Safer Roads Greater Manchester Partnership who fund the SDSA project.

We hope to announce our plans for future delivery soon.

Please contact Ros Hopkins Road Safety Development Officer & SDSA Co-ordinator by emailing

To find out more visit our Safe Drive Stay Alive Website (external website)