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"Accidental fires can cause serious damage, distress and disruption" - warning issued

GREATER Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has warned householders to check their electrics and to ensure electrical appliances are operated safely.

It comes after a fire broke out in a tumble dryer at a property in Sandown Crescent, Manchester, at around 8pm on Wednesday, 18 November.

The warning also comes ahead of Electrical Safety Week next week, which is aimed at encouraging people to ensure they take care with electrical appliances because of the risk they may spark a blaze.

Crews from Gorton and Whitehill stations attended the blaze, which happened in the kitchen, and used put it out using a hose reel, before clearing the room of smoke using specialist blowing equipment.

The occupants of the home had been alerted to the fire when their smoke alarms went off and they were able to get outside safely.

Head of Prevention, Paul Duggan, said: “Electrical appliances can lead to fires in many ways - it may be because of faulty wiring, because of an electrical fault inside the appliance or because of the way the appliance is being used.

“For example, electric heaters should not be placed too close to furniture, microwave ovens can set light to food if left too long and tumble dryers can cause clothes to catch light if they get too hot.

“Accidental fires can cause serious damage, distress and disruption to people’s lives. People can take simple precautions that can minimise the risk.

“A working smoking alarm on each level of your home – as happened in this case – will alert you to a fire.”

Greater Manchester residents are encouraged to check that their electrical appliances are wired properly and used safely.

Further information on safe use of electrical appliances is available on this website.


20/11/2020 09:26 AM