Camping Safety

Whether you're heading off to a music festival or are simply going for a relaxing weekend in the great outdoors, stick to these simple guidelines and keep your camping trip safe as houses:

  • Ensure that your tent is kept at least six metres apart from other tents

  • Keep a torch handy for emergencies. Don't use a lit candle or an oil burning appliance in or near your tent

  • Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children

  • Flammable liquids and gas cylinders should be kept outside your tent and away from children

  • Cooking appliances should not be used in small tents. If you're staying in a larger tent, keep cooking appliances away from the walls and the roof of the tent and anywhere inside the tent where they can easily be knocked over

  • Don't cook near flammable materials or long grass

  • Have an escape plan and be prepared to cut your way out of the tent if there is a fire.

  • Make sure everyone knows what to do if their clothes catch fire - stop, drop to the floor and roll to put out the flames

  • NEVER smoke inside a tent

  • Find out what the firefighting arrangements on the campsite are and if you do not have a mobile, find out where the nearest telephone is

  • If you're camping abroad, find out how to call the local emergency services. You can find this information in travel guides or you can call the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on 0845 850 2829

If there is a fire

  • Fires in tents spread very quickly. Get everyone out straight away. Call 999 and ask for the Fire and Rescue Service and give the exact location of your campsite. Even give a map reference if possible. Otherwise, a landmark such as a farm or pub will help the Fire and Rescue Service locate you

Finally! Remember that prevention is key...

A fire can destroy a tent in less than 60 seconds so avoid using naked flames inside your tent.