Problem with your Smoke or Heat Alarm?

If there is a problem with your smoke or heat alarm, such as it fails to operate or chirps repeatedly, there are several things you can try to resolve the issue.

  • Check whether the battery needs replacing, or whether the guarantee on the alarm has expired and you need to replace the whole unit.
  • Consider whether the alarm is in the right place. When positioning alarms, fit them on the ceiling, not the wall. Ideally they should be 30cm/12inches away from light fittings, obstructions or the dead air space where the ceiling joins with the walls.
  • Clean the unit carefully with a slightly damp cloth or the soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner.
  • If the alarm has a base plate, ensure that the unit is attached firmly to the baseplate.
  • If you have the manual for your alarm, troubleshooting advice should be available.

False alarms can be annoying, but they are easy to prevent. Whatever you do, don't remove the battery or disconnect the alarm.

If Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) fitted your alarms

If there is a problem with an alarm that GMFRS has fitted, and the alarm is still covered by guarantee, telephone our supplier (Fire Angel) on freephone 0800 141 2561 for advice. Fire Angel will post out a replacement alarm if they cannot resolve the issue with you over the telephone.

If you would be unable to fit a replacement alarm yourself, or are unable to contact Fire Angel, telephone the GMFRS Contact Centre on 0800 555 815 and they will assist you.

If your alarm system is hard wired to mains electric

If there is a problem with an alarm that is hard wired to mains electric, contact an electrician. Alternatively, if in rented accommodation contact your landlord for further advice.