Pressure Relieving Devices

If the person you are caring for is benefiting from a pressure-relieving device, such as a mattress or cushion, be aware that some of these devices are air filled. If the mattress is punctured and air escapes, the released air can support the spread of fire. Talk with the person you are providing care for about the associated fire safety advice, especially staying away from smoking materials, naked flames, or other ignition sources that could puncture the mattress and start a fire.

If you are benefitting from a pressure relieving device, follow these important tips to help keep yourself safe from fire:

  • Keep ignition sources away from your bed or device.

  • Keep fires and heaters away from your bed or device

  • If you use a mobility aid, keep it within reach of your bed or device.

  • Use fire retardant bedding.

  • Ensure electrical equipment is maintained and kept a safe distance from your pressure relieving device. Switch off electrical equipment and unplug at the mains when not in use. 

  • Never smoke in bed or whilst using a pressure relieving device.

  • Never burn candles in the room where your bed or device is kept.

  • Never use matches or lighters near your bed or device.

  • Never use matches or lighters near your bed or device.

  • Never use electric blankets in combination with your pressure relieving device.

  • Never overload electrical sockets.

  • Never place hot items, such as hairdryers or hair straighteners, on your bed or device.

If a paraffin-based or paraffin-free emollient products, such as creams, get onto fabrics, the dried residue will make the fabric more flammable. If there is any risk that your clothes, bedding or bandages are contaminated with emollient residue don't smoke, or go near naked flames, smoking materials, cookers, heaters or other ignition sources.

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