What you can do to help keep your building safe

How you can help keep your building safe

All residents can help to keep their neighbours and building safe for everyone.


  • Report damage to fire doors to your housing provider or the managing agent.
  • Check before doing any work in your flat that it won’t affect the fire safety in the building.
  • Allow access to your flat for the front door to be checked.


  • Obstruct the communal areas, stairs, corridors and landings as these will be escape routes for the building.
  • Prop open fire doors in communal areas.
  • Store prams, bikes or mobility scooters in corridors.

If you are concerned about your fire safety, or the fire safety of others, please complete our online assessment (internal webpage) for personalised advice or to find out if you are eligible for a Home Fire Safety Assessment.

If you are concerned about the fire safety in your building, contact your housing provider or managing agent.