Secondary School Resources

Our educational resources have been designed and developed to be delivered in classrooms or assemblies.

The video takes approximately 15-20 minutes to deliver and features one of our Educational Instructors. It has been created to be played in classrooms or assemblies, facilitated by the teacher.

We also have the bonfire secondary school presentation and lesson plan below, which are used by GMFRS staff to deliver directly in schools. These are also available for others to download and use.

Bonfires, Fireworks and Anti-Social Behaviour 

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Key Stage 3 Secondary School Presentation: please note that this resource is centred around a short age-appropriate film based on an actual incident that occurred over the bonfire and Halloween period and is suitable for children / young people aged 10 and above.

Bonfires, Fireworks and Anti-Social Behaviour Presentation (PowerPoint, 400MB)

Bonfires, Fireworks and Anti-Social Behaviour Lesson Plan (PDF, 401KB)

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Bury Safety Centre

We are also open for bookings to the Safety Centre, where you can bring school groups as an interactive, educational trip. Visits to our Centre are free, we’re open throughout the year, to all schools and not only offers a curriculum enhancing, immersive and interactive learning environment that supports the work of schools and emergency services, but also shows visitors how to protect themselves against fire, other dangers and what to do in an emergency.

Find out more on our Bury Safety Centre website