Other Important Information

Variation or Transfer of an Existing Licence

Applications can be made to vary or transfer an existing explosives licence. The application below should be completed and and either posted to the address on the form or emailed to fireworks@manchesterfire.gov.uk along with any supporting documentation that is requested.

You can request paper copies of these application by emailing fireworks@manchesterfire.gov.uk.

Variation to an existing explosives licence - lp42

Transfer an existing licence to another person or company - lp43

Receipt of a transfer from another person or company - lp44

Variation to a licence - Change of licensee name, address of site or address of licensee - lp45

Firework Amnesty Scheme

Members of the public can contact GMFRS Contact Centre on 0800 555 8015 and request any unwanted, unused fireworks are collected and safely disposed of. We are unable to collect any fireworks that have been soaked in water, if the fireworks have been soaked, ideally for 48 hours, then they can be placed in a bin bag and disposed of in the general waste bin.

More information can be found on Recycle for Greater Manchester Website.