GMFRS is committed to safeguarding children, young people and adults from abuse and neglect. We strive to promote the safety, dignity and wellbeing of people in the communities we serve and of our own staff and volunteers.

Our Safeguarding Policy and Procedure helps us to maintain a proper focus on safeguarding. The document includes the standard process for GMFRS personnel to follow in order to report safeguarding concerns within the context of their work.

Safeguarding Policy and Procedure


Safeguarding Boards

GMFRS is a non-statutory member of the Adult Safeguarding Boards, and Local Safeguarding Children’s boards, across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester.  

Bolton Safeguarding Adults Board

Bolton Safeguarding Children Board

Bury Safeguarding Adults Board

Bury Safeguarding Children Board

Manchester Safeguarding Children and Adult Boards

Oldham Safeguarding Adults Board

Oldham Safeguarding Children Board

Rochdale Safeguarding Adults Board

Rochdale Safeguarding Children Board

Salford Safeguarding Adults Board

Salford Safeguarding Children Board

Stockport Safeguarding Adults Board

Stockport Safeguarding Children Board

Tameside Safeguarding Adult Board

Tameside Safeguarding Children Board

Trafford Safeguarding Adults Board

Trafford Safeguarding Children Board

Wigan Safeguarding Adults Board

Wigan Safeguarding Children Board

Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership - Children

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