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What is a Safe and Well visit?

A Safe and Well visit is a home visit from the Fire and Rescue Service to undertake a fire risk assessment, and provide fire safety advice and interventions that meet the needs of everyone in your household and reduce the risk of fire in your home.
Our fire risk assessment takes into account your home environment, your health and abilities and your daily activities and routines. The visits look to help and motivate you to make positive changes which can improve your fire safety and could also benefit your wellbeing.
In order to undertake a safe and well visit we will need to collect, store and transfer the information you tell us, in order to assess the risk of fire in your home. Fire risk is dependent on the physical environment you live in, your social environment, your health and abilities and your daily routines and behaviours.
We ask everyone participating in a Safe and Well visit the same questions although we do ask for more detail when we uncover a risk. This information is used to assess the risk of fire in your home and your ability to evacuate the building should that be required.
We will collect personal data items such as:

  • your name
  • age
  • address
  • who you live with

We collect and use this information under the Provisions in’ The Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004’ (opens in a new tab) (Section 11) as we are acting in our capacity as a public body, we rely on public task to process your information.

We will also collect special category data items such as:

  • physical health conditions
  • mental health conditions
  • disabilities
  • general health and wellbeing

We do this as believe it is in the substantial public interest to prevent fires and save lives based on information about individual needs and circumstances in addition to the provisions in ‘The Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004’ (Section 11).

The Provisions in The Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 (section 11) enables us to share your information with your housing provider, your local adult or child social care provider or Greater Manchester Police if we think there is a high risk of illness, injury or death.

Data can sometimes be disclosed without consent, where, for example, it is required for:

  • protecting the vital interests of the data subject (for example,  release of medical data in an emergency)
  • safeguarding issues (for example, where it is believed you or another person is at significant risk of harm. i.e. helping to prevent abuse
  • the prevention or detection of crime

Where we think other services or agencies may be able to help you to reduce the risk of fire in your home, or support you to make changes to improve your health and wellbeing, we will give you the details so you can contact them or, with your consent, we can make a referral to the relevant service or agency for you. These will always be named services or agencies. We know that issues such as smoking, drug or alcohol use, memory impairment, mobility and mental health all impact on fire risk
and on your ability to escape safely in the event of a fire, therefore it makes sense for us to direct you to services that can help you to address or manage these issues.

You can cancel your Safe and Well visit at any time before or during the visit by ringing the fire service contact centre on 0800 555 815 or telling the officer who is undertaking the visit. This will mean that we may record that we have visited your address but we will not hold the detail of the visit.
If you change your mind about a referral to any of our partner services or agencies please ring the Prevention and Protection Administration Team on 0161 608 4040.
Or you can email your Local Community Safety Team as follows:

The local Community Safety Team will make sure that your referrals are in line with your current consent.

We will keep the information we collect, including any referrals we make and details of any agencies we share your information with securely within our electronic systems.

How we ensure the security of your data

We are committed to making sure the information we collect is secure and we utilise reasonable measures to prevent unauthorised access to your information. We are required to demonstrate that our solutions meet the required levels or personal, procedural, policy, information and technical security. The standards in ISO27001:2013 are applied as a benchmark. We are also certified under the Cyber Essentials (basic) Scheme. Our staff are regularly trained on Data protection matters and all staff are provided with and are expected to sign up to the Data Protection Policy. If we believe your information has been breached and your privacy is at risk as a result we will inform you. We always fully investigate any breach and take appropriate action. This action may include the involvement of law enforcement and the Information Commissioners Office.

How long do we keep your information for?

We are committed to managing information in line with the needs of our organisation, our partner organisations, UK Government best practice and to fully meet the requirements of current legislation. We keep the information collected during the Safe and Well visit and any subsequent follow up information for seven years after completion. After this time your information will be securely destroyed and deleted from our systems.

The importance of accuracy and up to date information

The Safe and Well visit is undertaken to benefit you. We will take every step to ensure that the information we collect from you is up to date, correct and accurate. If you feel that any of the information you have provided has not been recorded accurately then please let us know either during the visit or after by contacting us. If you do not provide the most accurate information that you can then we will not be able to fully assess the fire risks within your home and provide the advice best suited to your needs.

How the data subject can exercise the right to object or raise Subject Access Requests

If you wish to submit a Subject Access Request or exercise any of your rights such as deleting or correcting information, you can submit your request by email to You may be asked to provide proof of identity before we release your information to you.

If you have any concerns with how we are processing your information you can contact our Data Protection Officer, Phillipa Nazari by email at

The Information Commissioners Office is the regulatory body responsible for upholding information rights. For more information about your rights under Data Protection please visit the ICO website (opens in a new tab).