Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 (PCR)

The PCR came into force on the 1st October 2014. Due to this change in legislation the Petroleum Licensing Authority (i.e. Greater Manchester Combined Authority) will be known as the Petroleum Enforcement Authority (PEA).

As with existing petrol storage legislation, they apply to:

  • Workplaces that store petrol and dispense it through manual or electrical pumping from a storage tank, i.e. petrol filling stations (retail and non-retail)
  • Storage of petrol at non-workplace premises, e.g. private homes, clubs, associations, etc.

The regulations consolidate much of the existing legislation so there is little overall change.

The regulations do not change existing health and safety responsibilities for petrol filling station operators or those working for them.

The licensing regime is being replaced with a certification scheme. To store petrol at a petrol filling station a petroleum storage certificate (storage certificate) will be required.

The application process is similar to the current system for licences and all correspondence should be made to or Fire Safety Admin, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service, 146 Bolton Road, Swinton, Manchester, M27 8US, or by telephone on 0161 608 4040.

Fees remain the same and will be collected by the PEA issuing the storage certificate and remain at the same level as the pre-existing PCA licensing fees.

Advice and guidance on petroleum storage at retail/workplace dispensing premises and domestic storage can be found on the HSE website.