Advice for older people

Advice for older people

As we get older some of us will find that our physical and cognitive abilities reduce and our living situations change. This is likely to be why older people (aged over 65) have more fires in the home than other age groups.

Issues like sensory, mobility or memory impairment, living alone and the effects of medication or of alcohol intake, can increase the risk of a fire starting and make it more difficult to escape if a fire starts. But don’t worry, there are lots of things you can do to stay safe from fire, whatever your age.

If you’re over 65, or supporting somebody over 65, follow the fire safety advice on our website to prevent a fire from starting. Most fires in the home are caused by cooking, smoking, electrics, heaters or candles and so always follow fire safety advice about using these in your home.

Check your smoke alarms

Importantly, fit a smoke alarm on every floor of your home and test it every week. If you would struggle to test your alarms yourself, don’t put yourself in danger of falling or over-stretching by trying to do this. Ask a family member, trusted friend or neighbour, or a professional who supports you, to test the alarms for you every week.

Have an escape plan

It's important to make sure you have a good escape plan in place just in case a fire starts. If you think you would be unable to escape unaided in the event of a fire, contact us for advice about escape planning.

Involve your family and friends or social care services to discuss options such as ‘telecare’ which can be linked to your smoke alarm and trigger a call for help if your alarm goes off. 

For advice on assistive technology and telecare systems contact Manchester City Council directly by email or telephone.

0161 234 5001

Book a safe and well visit

Book a Safe and Well visit and we’ll come and see you! We deliver free home visits called Safe and Well visits.

We will spot fire hazards in your home and give you advice to reduce the risk and keep you safe. We will also help you to make an escape plan and fit free smoke detection for you where necessary. 

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