Winter driving

Over the past few winters cold and icy conditions have contributed to many people being involved in road traffic collisions. Please take extra care whilst driving.

General road safety tips

The vast majority of road traffic collisions involve some kind of driver error, such as distraction, driving too fast or too close to the car in front, or driving whilst tired or under the influence of alcohol.

We can all help to make our roads safer by following the following advice:

  • Concentrate and drive considerately at all times
  • Always wear a seat belt and make sure all your passengers do
  • Never use your mobile phone when driving, it can distract you and it's illegal
  • Never drive if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, this includes the morning after
  • Always stay below the speed limit and slow down in bad weather conditions
  • Keep your distance from the vehicle in front, at least a 2 second gap
  • Other road users will make mistakes, so be prepared and expect to encounter different road users such as cyclists, heavy goods vehicles and motorcyclists
  • Keep your vehicle safe and road worthy

More information

Safe driving tips for winter (pdf)

Met Office website (opens in a new tab) or listen to local radio for up to date local and national weather conditions