Deliberate fires

A number of fires have been started deliberately over the years by young people – such as the fire which destroyed Cromwell High School in Tameside in April 2016.

Working with schoolchildren and teachers our staff members educate about the dangers associated with fire setting and the consequences that come along with arson – whether this be the devastation caused to the community and business or the impact they have on the lives of those who start fires.

You can find out more about these kinds of fires and the impact they have by listening to Group Manager Phil Nelson in the below video.

Don't start deliberate fire video

Over recent years GMFRS has played a key role in lots of multi-agency work to prevent moorland fires from breaking out and minimising the impact they have on our organisations, the communities and the environment, when they do occur.

Partnership work in 2019 resulted in a Public Space Protection Order being enforced in parts of Oldham and Tameside - meaning that people caught lighting barbecues and fires, as well as setting off fireworks and sky lanterns, will be fined £100. Failure to pay could result in prosecution through the courts.

Sadly many wildfires are believed to be started deliberately in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas - either maliciously or by people having barbecues.

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