Toast the New Year responsibly

We might not be able to attend as many Christmas parties and outings as usual this year, but many of us will still be looking forward to a Christmassy drink by the fire or a few with dinner.

If you will be toasting to a better 2021 this Christmas, here are a few tips for drinking responsibly.

  • Don't cook under the influence of alcohol and take extra care if smoking or burning candles.

  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. A healthy meal before you go out or start drinking, and snacks between drinks can help to slow down the absorption of alcohol, helping you stay in control.

  • Remember that drinking and driving kills. It’s best to avoid alcohol completely if you're driving, even if that’s the morning after.

For more tips on drinking safely, read Drinkaware's 12 tips to make the most of Christmas (link opens in a new tab).