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Safe4Summer e-learning Package

Have a look at our brand new e-learning package!

The Safe4Summer e-learning package has been designed to highlight the key topics within Safe4Summer whilst giving the presenter or user, the flexibility to concentrate on particular topics that are especially relevant to them or their audience. The key topics within Safe4Summer are:

  • Water Safety
  • Grass Fires
  • Anti Social Behaviour

It contains a brief core presentation to give an overview of the main themes of Safe4Summer. This is then followed by additional modules; these will each expand upon the subject areas within the core presentation and contain interactive elements, videos, images and a quiz.

In addition to this, there are downloadable resources and activities that have been developed to link to Every Child Matters Outcomes and PSHE Curriculum in order to allow easy integration into lesson plans.

View the e-Learning Package
Summer Water Safety Advice Summer Countryside Safety Advice Childrens Safety Advice
Barbecue Safety Advice
Spring Outdoor Safety
Smoking Fire Safety Tips
Home Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Safety Advice for parents and carers