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Safe4Summer Partnership

About the SAFE4SUMMER Partners

Safe4summer is a Greater Manchester wide partnership-based approach aimed at keeping people of all ages safe and addressing community concerns about youth related crime and anti-social behaviour during the summer months.

Safe4Summer has been designed to offer young people the opportunity to experience a whole host of fun and exciting activities in their local areas. During the long summer break, there are occasions when something that may appear to be a bit of harmless fun, can be seen differently by other people and could carry some quite serious consequences if it gets out of hand. Safe4summer aims to signpost people of all ages to interests and activities to enjoy within their local area; it also offers advice about personal safety and promotes social responsibility messages.

A communication toolkit has been produced for the campaign, which will provide all partners with a number of template designs for posters, leaflets and promotional material. These are available to all partners via Toolkit and Downloads Area, allowing for information to be produced and delivered on a local level with local branding.

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