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Two calls to kitchen incidents within 45 minutes prompts warning

FIREFIGHTERS are warning residents never to leave food unattended on the hob, after two fires started within 45 minutes of each other in kitchens in Greater Manchester yesterday evening.

At 6.29pm on Wednesday 18 April, three fire engines from Whitefield, Philips Park and Salford were called to a house on Circular Road in Prestwich. A resident had reported finding themselves locked out of their house with food cooking on the stove.

Crews gained access to the property through a first storey window using a short extension ladder and removed the pan from the heat. Safety advice was given to occupant and no further action was required.

Then within the hour fire engines from Offerton, Cheadle and Stockport responded to a call at 7.13pm. On arrival at Cambridge Street, Stockport, crews discovered a chip pan fire in the kitchen of an end terrace house. Firefighters used one hose, four breathing apparatus and a ventilation fan to clear the smoke and tackle the flames.

After successfully extinguishing the fire, as part of GMFRS’ Prevention and Protection work crews took to neighbouring streets reassuring residents and distributing fire prevention information.

Paul Etches, GMFRS’ Head of Prevention, said: “Most house fires start in the kitchen. Please help us to keep you and your family safe in the home – never leave food cooking on a stove unattended. Hot food and very hot ingredients, especially fats or oils in something like a chip pan, wok or frying pan, can so easily catch fire once your back is turned. Supervise your cooking, keep your preparation area clear of flammable items and once your food is ready remove it from the heat as quickly as possible.

“We had two lucky escapes yesterday in Prestwich and Stockport with nobody harmed, but both stories could have been so different. If you would like more advice about fire safety at home then Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is here to help – to book a free Safe and Well visit call 0800 555 815.”

Last update: 19/04/2018 15:52:39
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