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Drug driving campaign launched

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A still from the THINK! TV advert for this year's Drink Drugs campaign.
Click on the picture to watch the video

TAKING illegal or medical drugs can impair driving ability by affecting judgement, concentration, perception and vision.

It is not just illegal drugs, such as cannabis and cocaine, which can result in dangerous driving behaviour – even antihistamines or cold medicine can have a negative impact on your ability to negotiate the roads.

The effects of drugs, which include aggression, hallucinations and paranoia can last in the body for many days. Just as alcohol can stay in your blood stream for up to 24 hours after you’ve had a drink, drugs can stay in your system for weeks.

In official government statistics, impairment by illegal or medical drugs was recorded as a contributory factor in at least 47 road deaths and 197 serious injuries in Britain in 2014.

Furthermore, if you are caught under the influence of drugs at the wheel you face a fine of up to £5,000, six months in prison and a one-year driving ban.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is supporting a THINK! campaign, which was launched this week to target drug drivers. The campaign marks the one year anniversary of a drug drive legislation change, which made it illegal to drive with certain drugs in the body above specified levels.

Following the legislation change in March 2015, police are now more widely using drug swabs that can detect drivers under the influence of drugs by the roadside. The campaign targets young males aged 17-34 with the message that you’re now more likely to be caught and convicted.

The THINK! awareness campaign will run in cinema, on radio, online and in pub washrooms.

For further details on the campaign visit the THINK! website.

For help with drug-related issues, here is a list of organisations to contact in your area. The column on the left is for young people and the right hand column is for adults:


Lifeline Eclypse

0161 273 6686


RISE Manchester

0800 988 1948



Trafford Young Peoples Service

0161 905 1013


AIM Trafford

0161 877 0491



Achieve Salford

0161 358 1858


Achieve Salford

0161 703 8873



Bury Young Peoples Drug and Alcohol Service

Tel 0161 723 3880


One Recovery Bury

0161 253 6488



OASIS (Young Persons Service)

0161 621 9600 / 0800 988 2209


One Recovery Oldham

0161 716 3666



Early Break 4U18 (Young Peoples Service)

0161 723 3880



01706 924 883



MOSAIC (Young Peoples Service)

0161 218 1100



0161 474 3141



My Recovery, Branching Out

0161 672 9420


My Recovery

0161 672 9420



Wigan Young Peoples Drug and Alcohol Service

01942 865 591


Wigan and Leigh Recovery Services

01942 487 578



360◦  Young Persons Drug and Alcohol Service

01204 337 330


Bolton Integrated Drug and Alcohol Services (BIDAS)

01204 557 977




Last update: 23/03/2016 08:19:22
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