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Colleagues joined the Mayor in lifesaving training

Last week (Friday, May 4) the first Survival Academy Basic Life Support Training session took place with attendees joining the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham to practice CPR training and using a defibrillator.

The session, led by GMFRS Training and Development Officers Marc Greenough and Charlotte Nicholas welcomed open discussions on CPR, as well as highlighting some shocking statistics. This included – ‘80 percent of out of hospital cardiac arrests happen in the home’, highlighting how essential it is to have these basic skills.

The Mayor supported the session and refreshed his skills in CPR, saying: “You never know when you might need emergency first-aid skills, as I found out myself outside Manchester Town Hall earlier this year. That’s why it’s great to see colleagues within the GMCA getting involved in gaining skills around saving lives.

“I would encourage all colleagues within the GMCA to participate in the training sessions. The more people that are trained in giving CPR and feel confident to step in and help someone suffering from a cardiac arrest, the better.

“A big thanks to the Community Safety Training and Development Team for all their efforts and helping train more life savers in Greater Manchester.”

Out of hospital cardiac arrests survival rate is as low as 1/10, and the main reason for this is down to people not knowing how to administer CPR, or that they are too scared to.

Transformation Project Support Officer, Jim Bridge said: “This is the first of the Survival Academy Training Sessions conducted for GMCA staff.

“The Survival Academy is a big project which consists of three parts. To train our operational staff in High Performance CPR, training all our non-operational staff and also getting out into the community to train members of the public. All this work is done in partnership with North West Ambulance Service.

“It’s great to see the Mayor getting involved and encouraging colleagues to learn such an important skill. We can’t wait to get the whole of the GMCA learning how to administer CPR.”

What did people think?

One attendee from the session said: “I think the session has been great, it’s extremely eye opening.

“I had a good idea in the first instance but it’s great to have the opportunity to refresh my skills and improving the skills I currently have.

“This has given me the confidence to help somebody if they did ever need that help.”

Last update: 09/05/2018 16:30:54
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