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Atherton mill used for rope rescue training

A MILL close to Atherton Community Fire Station became a training site for local firefighters who used the building to practice rope rescue techniques.

Last week Blue Watch crew members headed to Ena Mill, located behind the fire station, to carry out a simulated incident involving a worker who had fallen from the roof of a five-storey building.

Mill training.jpg

Crew Manager Ian Murray said: “The scenario for the exercise involved a workman who had fallen from the roof of the five-storey mill onto a lower roof, two storeys up.

“Due to a number of issues factored into the training session, the only way to access the casualty was via the roof of the mill. This meant the attendance of a Technical Response Unit (TRU), which came from Leigh, along with a high reach appliance – known as a hydraulic platform.

“Rope rescue equipment was set up, using an anchor point on the roof, allowing specialist TRU members to abseil down to reach the casualty. A stretcher was then used to move the man to the edge of the lower roof, where the high-reach appliance had set up. He was then placed onto the cage of the vehicle and lowered down to ground level.”

Last update: 18/04/2017 11:41:35
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