Industrial unit fire - Salford

9.00am 01/04/2020 Update

Firefighters remain at the scene of a fire at an industrial unit on Langley Road, Salford this morning. 

Crews were at the fire throughout the night and are expected to be in attendance for at least the rest of today. 

Three fire engines and an aerial appliance remain at the scene and are continuing to damp down. 

Residents are being asked to continue to keep there windows and doors closed and avoid the area. 

Road closures also remain in place.

10.00pm Update

Firefighters are still actively fighting a fire at an industrial unit on Langley Road, Salford and will remain at the scene through the night.

Crew brought the blaze under control this afternoon (Tuesday 31) and managed to save more than half the business premises on the site.

At its height, appliances from across the county mobilised to the scene, along with colleagues from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service providing a ‘Stinger’ to penetrate walls and fight the fire from outside.

Five pumps now remain on scene, along with two aerial appliances with firefighters dousing the blaze from above.

While the smoke plume has reduced significantly, local residents are still told to keep doors and windows closed and avoid the area. Road closures remain in place, however the adjacent railway line has re-opened.

Group Manager Jason Rain said: “We still have five pumps and two aerials at the scene and crews are actively fighting the fire. They will remain here through the night and into tomorrow.

“I’d like to praise the professional and quick actions of our firefighters who have saved four of the seven business premises on the site.

“While the majority of smoke has now subsided, it’s important that people in the area keep their windows and doors closed. We ask that people continue to stay away from the area while crews carry out their work.”

5.15pm Update

Greater Manchester firefighters have worked tirelessly to bring a large fire at an industrial unit under control.

They will continue to monitor the incident through the night and local road closures remain in place.

The large smoke plume that was visible over Salford has now largely subsided, although the message to residents is to keep your doors and windows closed if you are local.

Firefighters have been aided by a ‘Stinger’ from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service which can penetrate walls, windows and roofs to allow crew to fight the fire from outside.

Our firefighters are also using aerial appliances to put water on the blaze from above with handheld jets.


1.45pm Update

Firefighters from across Greater Manchester are working hard to bring a blaze at Langley Industrial Park under control.

Shortly before 11am, eight fire engines were mobilised to the incident before further appliances were called to the scene.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus are using jets to tackle the fire and are using aerial appliances to put water onto the fire from above.

Langley Road remains closed while crew continue to work.

Group Manager, Mark Doggett who is in charge of the incident said: “It is important that residents keep their doors and windows closed as this incident has caused a large amount of smoke in the surrounding area.

“Our crews are working tirelessly to bring it under control and will remain here for at least the rest of today.

“We’re working with colleagues from Greater Manchester Police to put road closures in place so travel is affected in the Langley Road area. Please avoid travelling near the scene.”

An investigation has been launched to establish the cause.

At just before 11:00 on Tuesday 31 March, eight fire engines were called to reports of a fire at a single-storey building on an industrial estate on Langley Road, Salford.

Crews were quickly on the scene and are currently fighting the 50x50m blaze, using eight breathing apparatus, four jets, and one aerial appliance.

Local residents are being advised to keep all windows and doors closed and to avoid the area.

Article Published: 31/03/2020 12:00 PM