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Pensioner Saved by Teenager in Chip Pan Fire

Borough: Stockport

Incident Date: 05 December 2015

A BRAVE teenager has potentially saved the life of a 76-year-old man who set fire to his own home with a chip pan.

The pensioner had forgotten all about the food cooking in the kitchen of his house in Bredbury Green, Romiley, Stockport, until he found himself surrounded by toxic smoke.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, which sent three fire engines to the scene at about 7.15pm on Saturday night, said the man initially rang his daughter who lives some miles away. She then rang a neighbour’s house to ask them to check on her father and see if he was OK.

Watch Officer Steve Johnston, of Green Watch at Offerton Fire Station explained: “The man told his daughter he had found smoke in the house but she lives some distance away and so rang his neighbours to see if they would check on him.

“A 16-year-old boy who lives nearby went round and said he could barely see for smoke in the property. He let himself in and found his neighbour wandering around before leading him out of the property to safety. This young man has acted quickly and bravely and has potentially saved this gentleman’s life.”

The fire was already out by the time the three crews arrived from Offerton, Whitehill and King Street, Stockport. The pensioner was conscious and breathing but had suffered from smoke inhalation. Firefighters requested an ambulance from North West Ambulance Service and paramedics attended and treated the man at the scene, but he refused hospital treatment.

Watch Officer Johnston added: “Our advice is always to get out, call us out and stay out but there are times when people’s gut reactions take over and they take action themselves. This young man has done exactly that. He’s not thought, he’s just seen the pensioner in danger and he’s gone in and got him out. This is extremely brave and the facts are he has potentially saved his life.”

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has an ongoing campaign for people to bin chip pans and replace them with something that is thermostatically controlled such as a deep fat fryer.

Watch Officer Johnston added: “Whoever you are, however old you are and whatever lifestyle you lead – chip pans are dangerous and we would like to see them removed from homes and replaced with something safer.”

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