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Christie Hospital fire - Manchester - April 26

Borough: Manchester

Incident Date: 28 April 2017

Christie Hospital - Manchester

Thursday, April 4

Update 1.30pm

FIRE investigators remain at the scene of Manchester’s Christie Hospital following a fire last week. Investigators are working to establish the cause of the blaze which, at its height, saw over 100 firefighters at the scene.

Specialist fire investigators have been working with Greater Manchester Police for the past two days interviewing witnesses as work continues to piece together evidence to determine the cause of the fire.  


Saturday, April 29

Update 12.30pm

FIREFIGHTERS have now left the scene of a devastating fire in a globally important cancer research laboratory at Manchester's famous Christie Hospital after almost three days.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service closed the incident down just after 9.30am today after spending an extended period of time monitoring the Paterson Building in Wilmslow Road, Withington.

The roof, second and third floors have all been subject to regular checks overnight with thermal imaging cameras looking for hot spots, smoke or other signs of fire but none were detected and the site was declared closed and handed back to the hospital.

The third floor of the premises, which housed research dating back decades and millions of pounds of equipment, has been preserved and sealed off for further fire investigation which is being carried by specialist officers from both GMFRS and the hospital's insurance company.

Friday, April 28

Update 5.30pm

TWO fire engines remain in Wilmslow Road after fire broke out in Cancer Research UK Institute on Wednesday morning.

All roads in the area have now re-opened and the cause of the fire is yet to be determined.


Update 8.15am

THREE fire engines and one aerial platform remain at the site, 45 hours after the fire service first arrived. 

There is one small pocket of fire still alight within the building, which crews are working hard to make safe.

Firefighters are being assisted by partners and will be on site for the rest of today.



Thursday, April 27

Update 4.51pm 

FIREFIGHTERS have been in attendance at Manchester’s Christie Hospital for over 30 hours and will remain there through the night ensuring the building is safe and tackling any remaining hotspots and pockets of fire in the roof.

Crews are working with onsite contractors to gain access to other parts of the building as they continue to recover valuable goods from the building.


Update 11.15am 

FIREFIGHTERS are still tackling the fire at Manchester’s Christie Hospital, with hot spots in the roof, and will remain on the scene throughout the day.

Crews have gained access to the building and are working hard to make it safe.

GMFRS is working with partners to assess the extent of the damage to the building.


Update 6.30am 

FIREFIGHTERS remain at Manchester’s Christie Hospital this morning after working throughout the night to tackle a large fire in the roof of an important cancer research building.

A large number of crew from across the county have been involved in complex firefighting operations overnight and for almost 24 hours, after fire broke out in the Paterson Building in Wilmslow Road, Withington, at 10.30am yesterday.

Overnight, a number of relief crews have been in attendance in shifts as firefighters wearing breathing apparatus continue to fight pockets of fire in the roof. In addition, crew working with officers from the Christie itself have salvaged a number of high value items in a bid to preserve as much work from the building as possible.

An initial fire investigation has commenced overnight as specialist officers were able to access parts of the building, but no cause has yet been identified and a team of investigators are expected to begin a more detailed search at lunchtime today.

Six fire engines and two aerial appliances remain at the scene actively searching for pockets of fire and heat spots. The Service is expecting to remain at The Christie for some days.


Wednesday, April 26

Update 4.30pm:

Around 100 firefighters and fire officers remain at the incident in Wilmslow Road, Manchester, after a fire broke out at the Cancer Research UK Institute at 10.36am this morning (Wednesday, April 26, 2017).

The incident has this afternoon been declared a major incident by senior officers at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS), as 16 fire engines and special appliances are used to deal with the fire involving the three-storey building.

Assistant County Fire Officer, Dave Keelan, said: “We have declared the ongoing fire a major incident, which means that GMFRS is unable to deal with some aspects of its ‘business as usual’ work, including responding to cardiac arrest incidents with our colleagues at North West Ambulance Service.

"Crews continue to fight the fire and are doing a great job to minimise damage and have used various equipment, including aerial appliances to put water on the fire from above, and lances to pierce through the building walls to reach the fire inside.”

Patients who have appointments at the hospital are being advised to turn up as planned so they can be seen to by hospital staff.

An investigation into the cause of the fire will begin once the fire is extinguished.


Update 2.40pm:

There are now 16 fire engines and two aerial platforms in Wilmslow Road dealing with the fire at the Cancer Research Institute.

Area Manager Jim Hutton said: "The fire is being brought under control and the increase in engines at the scene is for the welfare of our firefighters to allow them regular relief from the incident, and to allow us access to more equipment.

"Crews continue to fight the fire and are doing a great job to minimise damage and prevent the fire from spreading further.

"There are no casualties and there is no need for the hospital to be evacuated."

An investigation into the cause of the fire will begin once the fire is extinguished.


Update 1.40pm:

Firefighters continue to work hard to fight the fire at the Cancer Research UK Institute, with 12 fire engines and special appliances present in Wilmslow Road.

Area Manager Jim Hutton, who is now in charge of the incident, said: "Crews are working hard to deal with the complex incident, which we are working closely with our partners on to resolve as soon as possible.

"We don't believe there are any casualties as a result of the incident and we are asking people to avoid the area where necessary, keep windows and doors closed while there is smoke present, and check GMFRS' Twitter feed for the latest updates." 


Update 12.30pm:

Crews continue to battle the fire in Wilmslow Road at the Cancer Research UK Institute in Manchester.

The number of fire engines at the scene has been increased to 12, with two aerial platforms also assisting.

Firefighters are tackling the fire both inside and outside of the building, using hose reels, water jets, aerial platforms and lances to help control the flames.

Currently no buildings containing patients are being evacuated, although nearby offices have been. 


Update 11.40am:

Crews are working hard to tackle a fire involving the first floor plant room and roof space of the Cancer Research UK Institute Manchester Paterson Building on the hospital site. The affected building has been safely evacuated and other office buildings nearby have also been evacuated. Currently, no buildings containing patients are being evacuated.

An additional fire engine has been sent to the scene.


Update 11am:

At 10.36am on Wednesday (April 26) the fire service was called to a building fire at Christie Hospital, Wilmslow Road, Manchester.

Five fire engines and an aerial ladder are at the scene.

Firefighters are wearing breathing apparatus and using jets and hose reels to extinguish a fire involving a three-storey office block and labs. 


Information from Public Health England:

Motorists who have to travel through the smoke should keep windows closed, turn off air conditioning and keep their air vents closed.

It’s important that local residents understand that the risks to their health are low, however because any smoke is an irritant, it can make people’s eyes and throat sore.

People with asthma and other respiratory conditions may be particularly susceptible to the smoke and should carry and use their medication (such as inhalers) as usual. The general advice therefore remains that if possible people should try to remain out of the smoke. If you have any concerns about the smoke’s impact on your health please call your GP surgery for advice, following any instructions for out of hours services, or contact the NHS 111 service (which is free from both landlines and mobiles and open 24/7).



Last update: 04/05/2017 13:33:45
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