GMFRS High Rise

High rise residents come together to discuss fire safety

People affected by the safety of high rise blocks across the city-region came to discuss their concerns and get an update on the work of the High Rise Taskforce.

The resident’s meeting, held at GMFRS’ Training and Development Centre on Wednesday evening (January 30), was hosted by Paul Dennett, Salford City Mayor and Chair of the High Rise Taskforce, and Tony Hunter, GMFRS Assistant Chief Fire Officer and Director of Prevention and Protection.

Progress was given on the inspection of more than 500 high rise residential buildings, and how GMFRS is working with building managers to ensure the right fire safety measures are in place at affected blocks.

Residents also heard how the High Rise Taskforce is working with the Government to ensure the safety of people in Greater Manchester.

Government funded independent advisors LEASE gave a short presentation highlighting their services to anyone who needs advice on their leasehold.

The floor was opened up for concerned residents, leaseholders and owners to ask questions, with topics including evacuation measures, sprinkler systems and support available for owner occupiers.

Residents also had the chance to take part in a short interactive survey to help guide how the High Rise Taskforce focuses its efforts, with a longer consultation to go live in February.

The high rise resident’s meetings take place every three months.

Information on the High Rise Taskforce can be found here on the GMFRS website.

31/01/2019 15:02 PM