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GMFRS urges people to stay safe around water this weekend

GREATER Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is urging people to stay safe near water with temperatures set to soar this weekend.  


Temperatures could go above 30 degrees this weekend and while we want people to enjoy the hot weather, everyone is asked to do so safely and responsibly.


People are being urged to never swim in open water, as while it may seem like a tempting way to cool off, the drop in temperature can cause shock and increase breathing rate. Muscles will stiffen and fatigue will set in very quickly, making it impossible to swim to safety, even for the strongest of swimmers.


Unknown risks, such as rocks and broken bottles can also be hidden beneath the water and there is often no supervision by lifeguards to help if you if you do get in trouble.


GMFRS Area Manager Damian O'Rourke said: “When it comes to swimming in open water, our message is simple – don’t do it. We know that when it is hot it can be tempting, but is not worth the risk.


“Please go out and enjoy the sunny weather this weekend but don’t put your own or anyone else’s safety at risk. If someone does get into trouble, don’t try and rescue them yourself, but dial 999.”


Read our safety information and messages, which includes water safety.

28/06/2019 12:02 PM