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GMFRS to offer new volunteering opportunities following 3,000 hours of support in 2022-23

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is looking to recruit new volunteers to the Service to support key training, exercises and activities.

It comes as part of a refreshed Volunteer Strategy that focuses on recognising and utilising the value and benefits of volunteers to the Service and launches to coincide with national Volunteers’ Week (1 – 7 June 2023).

In the past year alone, volunteers contributed 3,072 hours of their time to GMFRS. These dedicated individuals have supported a wide range of activities including operational training exercises, community engagement events and safety campaigns. They have also provided wellbeing support.

One of the key areas where volunteers have made a significant impact is in operational training exercises. Their commitment has led to nearly 1,500 hours of volunteering activity, role-playing casualties and evacuees in training scenarios for operational staff. Volunteers have enhanced the training experience for crews and partners by bringing a touch of realism to the exercises.

Volunteers have also provided support in various other areas, like the vital role they play in the promotion of the online Home Fire Safety Check, delivery of fire, road, and water prevention education messages and support of young people participating in the Prince’s Trust programme. Additionally, volunteer chaplains provide wellbeing support to GMFRS staff, and their families, to complement the Service’s wellbeing strategy.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Leon Parkes, said:

“We are excited to expand our volunteer programme.

“Volunteers bring a wealth of skills, knowledge, and diversity to our workforce. Their dedication and commitment are invaluable in helping us protect and serve our community. Our volunteers are involved in a wide range of activities across our prevention and operational areas. One example is our volunteers role-playing as part of our operational training and exercises. Volunteers help us make the scenarios as realistic as possible so that we continue to develop and provide the best possible service to the people of Greater Manchester.

“Our new volunteer strategy seeks to enhance our current provision of volunteers and broaden the opportunities for those wishing to be part of our team.

“I would like to take the opportunity during Volunteers' Week to say thank you to each and every volunteer that has helped us over the past year. We are extremely grateful for all of the support our service has received. It does not go unnoticed.”

Sue Abbott, GMFRS volunteer of five years, said:

“I’ve done all sorts of things, I’ve been cut out of cars, rescued from buildings and I’m a chaplain.

“I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it. I enjoy the company and I take pride in getting advice out to the community.”

GMFRS’s volunteer programme offers a wide variety of meaningful and purposeful roles that are highly valued by both the Service and the communities it serves.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and making a difference in your community please visit the GMFRS website for more information - Become a volunteer - Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service

Article Published: 01/06/2023 15:42 PM