Gas leak - Dobson Park Industrial Estate, Wigan

Update: 23.30

Crews have worked closely with the onsite engineer to isolate the plant system to prevent a further leak. The system will remain isolated overnight and will be assessed by engineers in the morning.

The incident has now closed and both fire engines in attendance will leave the scene shortly.


Gas leak - Dobson Park Industrial Estate, Wigan

AT 6.35pm on Tuesday, March 12, four fire engines from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were called to Dobson Park Industrial Estate, Wigan to reports of a gas leak.

Three firefighters wearing breathing apparatus isolated the leak from inside of the industrial building and are working closely with onsite engineers to monitor and isolate further systems.

230 workers have been evacuated from the building and have been assessed at the scene by paramedics. 10 people have been taken to hospital as a precaution.

The incident has now scaled down to two fire engines and crews will remain at the scene for approximately one hour.

The air quality has been tested by monitoring systems and there is no cause for concern for the local area.

Officer in Charge, Station Manager Craig Pinder said: “We are working closely with our partner agencies at this incident to ensure that the area is safe and that the leak has been isolated. We will continue to work with onsite engineers to monitor the building over the next hour.

“I would like to thank all those involved at this incident for their hard work.”

12/03/2019 22:59 PM