Fire Service urges warning after cooking fire

Greater Manchester residents are being encouraged to take extra care when cooking following an incident in Brinnington, Stockport over the weekend.

At 7.56pm on Saturday 19 May, five fire engines and a hydraulic platform attended an incident where a cooker had been left unattended, resulting in smoke logging in the flat.

Firefighters wearing two breathing apparatus used breaking in equipment to rescue a casualty who had fallen asleep.

Station Manager Nick Hince said: “The professionalism of our firefighters at this incident has thankfully led to a positive outcome for the resident. 

“This incident is a timely reminder that you should never leave cooking unattended, a fire can start in a matter of seconds and the consequences can be severe.”

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is urging members of the public to avoid being careless in the kitchen as it can cost lives. More kitchen fire safety advice can be found here.

Residents should ensure that they know what to do in the event of a fire, whether it’s in their own flat or somewhere else in the building. If you have a fire in your flat you should stay safe by getting out, staying out and calling the fire service on 999.

High rise residents should also make sure they know the emergency procedures for their building in case of a fire elsewhere in the block, which should be provided by their landlord or building management company.

Nick concluded: “There are simple steps that can be taken to help keep you, your family and other residents safe when living in high rise blocks. These steps include testing your smoke alarms on a weekly basis, keeping doorways, hallways and communal areas free from clutter and reporting any obstructions if you see them.”

High-rise fire safety advice:

Fire safety in your flat

  • Fit at least one smoke alarm in your flat and test it once a week.
  • Keep door and window keys accessible.
  • Keep your doorways and hallways free from clutter.
  • Close all doors at night, especially the doors to the lounge and kitchen, to prevent fire spreading.
  • Your front door is a fire door – it keeps you and your neighbours safe. Never prop it open or remove the metal arm or chain which closes it.
  • Make an escape plan so that you and your family know what to do if there is a fire in your flat.
  • Maintain electrical goods and ensure you turn off appliances not intended to remain on for long periods, such as irons or hair straighteners.
  • Don’t overload plug sockets or extension leads.
  • If you smoke, make sure you put cigarettes out properly, and don’t smoke in bed or while drowsy.
  • Take care with candles. Never leave one unattended and use a proper heat resistant holder on a stable surface away from draughts and flammable materials such as curtains.

Fire safety in your block

  • Keep all landings, corridors and doorways clear of obstructions, including rubbish.
  • Never wedge doors open.
  • Ensure doors to stairways are not damaged or faulty. Report any defects to your landlord or building manager.
  • Don’t keep things in your home or communal areas that are highly flammable for example bottled gas, paraffin heaters or liquid fuel.
  • Dry risers provide water to firefighters to tackle fires on higher floors. If you see any damage to this equipment, please report it to your landlord or building manager immediately.
  • Never block emergency access to your building. Park considerately so emergency vehicles can get as close as possible.
  • Get to know your neighbours. They may be young, elderly or vulnerable, and need help during an emergency.

If you are concerned about fire safety in your building contact your landlord, managing agent or call the fire service on 0800 555 815.

20/05/2019 14:54 PM