Keeping You Safe

Keeping You Safe

We work closely with our community to make Greater Manchester a safer place to live, work and visit. In conjunction with the work we do with young people, visiting schools  and carrying out Safe and Well visits we are also responsible for enforcing fire safety legislations.

Help us to promote Safe and Well

If you have friends, family or neighbours that could benefit from fire safety advice, tell them about our Safe and Well visits. We are particularly keen to visit older or vulnerable people as they are more likely to be hurt in a fire. see our Safe and Well section.

Tell us about risks

If you see a fire risk in the community, a building owner ignoring fire regulations for instance - contact your local fire and community safety centre.

Think before you park

If roads are blocked and a fire engine can't get through, time could be lost getting to a fire. It could mean the difference between life and death. Please don't park on or next to fire hydrants, in front of exits, across access routes or in front of barriers. You may stop a fire engine getting through.

Help us to stop vehicle fires

Many stolen vehicles are set on fire. Please avoid your car being stolen by removing the keys and locking it at all times, by using an anti-theft device and not leaving property in your vehicle. You should report abandoned vehicles to the police or your local authority.

We also work with other organisations and charities to identify people, who are at a increased risk of suffering a fire.

These people are often from hard to reach groups and are known to health and social care organisations or the criminal justice system. Our work to prevent these fires is more effective when we work with the organisations that support these people.

We have created a Partnership Model and Referral Pathway for People at Increased Risk of Fire, which you can view here.

This model means we have a consistent approach when it comes to working with other organisations and preventing those people at increased risk from suffering a fire and devastating consequences they can cause.