Strategies and Frameworks

Our strategies and frameworks support our Fire Plan and annual delivery plans.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2022-2025

This new strategy sets out our ambitions and plans to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our service delivery and thoroughly embedded in our organisation’s culture. It builds on our aim to drive a step change in the culture of our organisation, helping us to embed positive behaviours in all that we do, for the benefit of our staff and our communities.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2022-2025

Framework for Integrated and Place Based Working Strategy 2022-2025

This framework outlines Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s offer to help deliver integrated and place-based working. Greater Manchester is one of the most devolved regions in England and we must use this opportunity to our full advantage. Addressing complex issues and major
incidents in partnership with other services will ensure our approach is as effective as possible, whilst providing greater value to the public. We want to break down the silos that exist between different organisations and create a “one public service” model that is preventative and person-centred,  providing the best outcomes for the people of Greater Manchester. 

Framework for Integrated and Place Based Working Strategy 2022-2025 (PDF, 1.8MB)

Prevention Strategy 2022-2025

This document sets out how we will develop and deliver our prevention functions to support our communities to adopt safer practices, improving their safety and wellbeing. Preventing fire and other emergencies from happening is the most effective use of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) resources and remains the most effective way to save lives and improve the outcomes for the people of Greater Manchester.

Prevention Strategy 2022-2025 (PDF, 1.1MB)

Protection Strategy 2022-2025

This document sets out how we will develop and deliver our wide ranging functions to improve building safety and reduce the risks to our communities and our firefighters. The core purpose underpinning our protection work is “to ensure the safety of the public and firefighters by identifying, investigating and reducing risk. We will work with others to identify risks and develop solutions to improve safety through engagement, advice and enforcement”.

Protection Strategy 2022-2025 (PDF, 747KB)

Response Strategy 2022-2025

This document outlines how we will deliver our emergency response functions to the communities of Greater Manchester. Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service (GMFRS) is one of the largest fire and rescue services in England, covering an area of 493 square miles and serving a population of
2.8 million residents, with many other people working or visiting the region. We must plan, train and exercise for the response to a wide variety of emergencies. These include building fires, road traffic collisions, rail and Metrolink incidents, terrorist attacks, building collapse, hazardous materials, wildfires, water rescues, flooding and rope rescue.

Response Strategy 2022-2025 (PDF, 1MB)

Sustainability Strategy 2022-2026

Our Sustainability Strategy for Greater Manchester Combined Authority incorporates five overarching ambitions for the organisation to achieve by 2038’: 1. Rapidly reduce our carbon footprint, 2. Protect and restore the environment, 3. Use our resources efficiently and responsibly, 4. Adapt to a changing climate, 5. Be sustainability leaders.

Sustainability Strategy 2022-2026 - GMCA website

Volunteer Strategy 2022-2025

We recognise the invaluable time, skills, experience and additional capacity our volunteers contribute to our service and the benefits that our volunteers gain from choosing to give their time freely to support us and our communities.

Volunteering with us has grown spontaneously over the years creating a reactive response to requests for support from colleagues, partners and our communities. This approach has led to an array of eclectic volunteering roles and activities and recruitment of high numbers of volunteers, but with low levels of participation and activity. This strategy will refocus our Volunteer Programme to support our modern Fire Service and ensure we provide public value when investing in our volunteers and volunteer supported activities.

The development of this strategy included consideration of the six priorities of the Greater Manchester Fire Plan (2021-25), the Prevention Strategy and feedback from colleagues across the organisation to identify where there is a ‘need’ for volunteer support.

Volunteers were engaged to provide feedback to help us understand their motivation, interests, capacity and barriers to participating in volunteering opportunities.

This Volunteer Strategy aims to support all six Priorities of the Fire Plan for Greater Manchester (2021-2025)

Volunteer Strategy 2022-2025 (PDF, 738KB)