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Young Drivers

Are you a new driver aged between 17 and 25?

Did you know that in the year after passing your test, you are much more at risk of being in a serious road traffic collision than other road users.

In fact, 40 per cent of all killed or seriously injured passengers were being driven at night by a newly qualified young driver.

Sticking to the following tips will help you to continue to be a good driver:

• Stay below the speed limits - remember speed limits are a MAXIMUM, not speeds to aim for

• Avoid distractions - a text or call really can wreck it all. Keep your phone off and out of reach to avoid temptation

• Changing a CD, looking at back seat passengers, or distractions along the roadside can all steal your attention at that critical moment. Be aware of your distractions and avoid them

• Always wear your seatbelt and make sure all of your passengers put theirs on and keep them on. You're twice as likely to die in a crash if you're not wearing a seatbelt. Airbags are designed to work with seatbelts not instead of them. There are NO excuses for not wearing a seatbelt

• Know your route before you set off and leave plenty of time for the journey. If you are using a SatNav, make sure it's set properly BEFORE you set off, and place it safely in your car where it doesn't hamper your vision

• Challenge your passengers - if they are encouraging you to take risks don't go along with it. Remember - you have proved your skills in your driving test

Salford Fire Station is an official Driving Standards Agency Driving Test Centre

The partnership is part of GMFRS' Road Safety Strategy which looks at how to educate and engage with drivers and pedestrians about road safety, in particular targeting 17 to 25-year-olds across Greater Manchester.

Area Manager Wayne Shields, GMFRS' Head of Prevention, said: "We want to do everything we can to help reduce deaths and injuries on our roads because it's often our crews that have to pick up the pieces when something goes wrong.

"This is an ideal opportunity to interact with our target group of 17 to 25-year-olds who make up a large proportion of those involved in collisions in Greater Manchester.

"We've also developed a glove box guide to hand out - it'll give new young drivers a bit of help to think about their driving, their safety and other road users."

Take a look at the glove box guide here.

Let us know your views and opinions on the glove box guide by emailing

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