Youth Engagement

We run a variety of programmes to educate and inform children about the dangers of fire and help them with their personal development.

We want to embed fire safety messages at an early age so they can develop lifelong fire safe behaviour, while also empowering them as individuals and responsible citizens.

The brand of the fire service is a powerful draw for young people which puts us in a great position to try and influence behaviour and knowledge.

We offer unique experiences to engage in learning and development on community fire stations and all our programmes build on qualities firefighters have such as discipline, respect, teamwork and moral courage.

Manchester Children's Burns Camp

Rehabilitative residential activities that are designed to help children and young adults

Community Fire Cadets

Earn basic firefighting skills and work towards both accredited and non-accredited qualifications


Delivered by firefighters, the aim is to and change behaviour and educate about the dangers of fire


A free, confidential programme offering education and advice to anyone aged 17 years and under


An accredited programme offering alternative learning for young people who are 14 years old and over

Prince's Trust Team Programme

Gain qualifications, meet new friends, have fun and be part of something truly amazing

Our programmes offer a blend of classroom learning and drill-yard activity, which means they are engaging and practical courses that also promote the importance of skills like working as a team, communication, understanding and assessing risk, adhering to instructions and understanding consequences of actions.

It’s fun, it’s hard work, and at the end young people can achieve recognised qualifications that could lead to jobs with the Fire Service or other organisations.

Activities may include:

  • Drill sessions using firefighting training techniques
  • Classroom based workshops such as fire safety awareness, first aid, food hygiene and health and safety
  • Health and fitness, such as sessions on nutrition and cookery
  • Community-based projects

So how does the community benefit from GMFRS running these programmes?

  • It motivates young people back into accessing mainstream services
  • It supports the reintegration of disengaged young people
  • It provides a community based alternative to Kay Stages 3 and 4 curriculums
  • It coaches young people in a wide range of skills to enhance their confidence and motivation
  • It increase their employability opportunities through experiences and recognised qualifications
  • It reduces risk of social exclusion and involvement in criminal/anti-social behaviour
  • It encourages young people to make healthy lifestyle choices.

What programmes do we run?

  • Firefly: for referred young people aged 11-17
  • Fire Team: for referred young people aged 14-16
  • Community Fire Cadets: for young people aged 14-16
  • Prince’s Trust: for young people aged 16 - 25
  • Traineeships: for young people aged 16-24

You can follow our Youth Engagement team on Twitter @FutureHeroesUK and Facebook (Future Heroes). Or you can get in touch:


Text your age, name and postcode to 07580 698 595

European Social Fund

The European Social Fund (ESF) is the European Union’s main initiative for investing in jobs and skills. Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) has received funding from ESF to help in its aim to:

• improve employment opportunities in Greater Manchester and help raise standards of living
• help people to get better skills and better job prospects
• help equip the workforce with the skills needed by business in a competitive global economy