Manchester Children's Burns Camp

Manchester Children's Burns Camp (MCBC) and Manchester Young Adult's Burns Camp (MYABC) provides rehabilitative residential activities that are designed to help children and young adults under the care of the regional paediatric and adult burns services in Manchester to face the difficulties they may experience following a burn injury.

The programme is not funded by the NHS or Fire Service. The cost of the camps is met solely through charitable donations and managed through the Manchester Children's Hospitals Charity (Registered Charity No: 1049274) and the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Charitable Trust (Registered Charity No: 1048916).


Burn care has developed rapidly since the Second World War - back in the 1950's burn injuries involving more than one third of the body surface area were considered fatal, even in healthy young men.

In the 1970's and 1980's advances were made in techniques for anaesthesia, nutrition, burn wound management and scar modification to improve the quality of life for patients.

Today, state-of-the-art treatments include the use of thermographic imaging cameras for assessing the damage done by a burn under the skin (even when covered by a dressing) and laser doppler equipment for investigating blood circulation.

The Children's Burns Foundation seek to work closely in partnership with academic institutions to ensure that the clinicians who are delivering burns care during the most critical times after injury are working with techniques in partnership with leading worldwide research.

We have pledged to support a number of pump-priming grants towards rehabilitation research. These grants, totalling £25,000 over the next five years, will be used to support a number of local paediatric projects.


The care of burn-injured patients doesn't stop when they leave the Burns Unit; rehabilitation isn't just about regular appointments at the Outpatients Clinic to check on dressings and scars.

The Children's Burns Foundation works closely with a number of important organisations such as Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, the National Health Service, Universities and local education authorities to develop programmes to help burn-injured young people live their lives without limits.

We have some big plans in the pipeline for some exciting, ground-breaking projects

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