How GMFRS is governed

The Service forms part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), which is run jointly by the leaders of the ten councils, and the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham. The Chief Executive is Eamonn Boylan.

The Mayor is responsible for the overall governance, strategic and financial management of the Fire Service. He is supported in this by the Deputy Mayor for Policing, Crime, Criminal Justice and Fire, Kate Green, who oversees the Fire Service on the Mayor’s behalf. The day to day running of the Service is undertaken by the Chief Fire Officer, Dave Russel and the GMFRS Executive Board. 

Scrutiny of the Fire Service is provided by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, who are themselves held to account by the Police, Crime and Fire Panel. The Panel is made up of ten appointed councillors from each of the Greater Manchester local authority areas, and two independent members. They are consulted on the running of the fire service, including precept proposals, major strategies, and the allocation of budgets.

Effective planning and governance are fundamental as they support the delivery of our strategic priorities and commitments, providing timely ethical decision-making and enabling progress to be closely monitored, reported and scrutinised.

The service has a range of documents that demonstrate how we comply with our statutory duties and regulatory requirements, such as our Fire Plan, Annual Delivery Plans and corporate strategies.  Underpinning these document are a range of frameworks, policies and procedures that provide transparency and provide clear guidance for employees to carry out their duties efficiently.

Our governance and meeting framework ensures that we carry out our functions in a transparent and inclusive way. It enables the sharing of information, consultative decision-making and effective performance management, and provides the opportunity for scrutiny leading to effective decision-making.

GMFRS Executive Board

Fire Plan and other key corporate documents

Managing Risk

Greater Manchester Combined Authority Publication Scheme (external website)

Greater Manchester Police, Fire and Crime Panel (external website)