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About the Recruitment Process

GREATER Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) recruits’ volunteers based on the changing needs of the Service and local boroughs, there will be a role to suit most people.

We plan our recruitment campaigns carefully to give people advance notice of when application processes open and close, and provide them with the dates of the selection events so they can prepare.

Our events and campaign volunteer recruitment is open all year round.

The recruitment opens for a 3 month period then closes for a month whilst we interview, assess and train the applicants.

If you miss the window for submitting an application form, don’t worry you won’t have to wait long until we open recruitment again, alternatively you could fill in an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM and when we open recruitment you’ll get a notification email inviting you to apply.

We also have more specialised volunteer roles such as Cadet Instructors, Caged Football volunteers and Volunteers to run the Post Incident Team. Keep an eye out for these as we only recruit when we need to!

Events and Campaigns Volunteer (Round 1)

Applications open 9th October 2015

Closing date Midnight January 6th 2016


January 21st 22nd and 23rd January 2016

(Held at our Training and Development Centre, Manchester)

Induction Training

January 29th and 30th 2016

(Held at our Training and Development Centre, Manchester)

Selection process

The process is designed to test and measure you in line with the five values and behaviours of the Service - respect, excellence, honesty, inclusivity and professionalism. For details of what we are looking for within these five headings   click on this link.

Stage 1: On line application

The online application form will allow us to understand your skills and experience, and how these can add value to the Service.

It's important for you to use the application form to let us know about your experiences which could benefit the Service and the wide range of volunteering activities we are involved with.

Stage 2: Selection event

After returning your application form if you are successful at the short listing stage we will invite you to come along to a selection event.

Before attending the event you will receive an email outlining what to expect on the day and how you can prepare.

At the event you will meet a number of GMFRS employees and volunteers who will showcase their work to give you a better understanding of some of the activities that successful applicants could get involved with.

The assessment will involve you taking part in a group exercise and a one-to-one interview.

The interview will allow you to describe your skills and experiences and give examples of times you have displayed some of GMFRS' values and behaviours.

Please note - Attending the interviews/assessments is compulsory so please ensure you can attend one of the dates indicated above before applying.

Stage 3: Induction

If you are successful after attending a selection event you will be invited to an induction course.

The Induction course is part of the recruitment process and you will be observed and assessed during this time.

This course will introduce you in more detail to the role and responsibilities of becoming a volunteer and share with you some of the policies and procedures in place at GMFRS.

Before the course you may be sent an email to a portal where you will be required to carry out some pre-reading of information in readiness for your course.

Please note - Attendance at the Induction is mandatory so please ensure you can attend one of the dates indicated above before applying.

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