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GMFRS supports ambulance service's #findthedefib campaign

DURING the month of ‘Shoctober’ Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is backing North West Ambulance Service’s (NWAS) social media campaign to raise awareness of the location of defibrillators (AEDs).

Peter_defib_selfie.jpg (2)

CFO Peter O'Reilly taking a selfie of himself with the defibrilator at GMFRS' HQ

It is estimated that there are thousands of these life-saving portable machines in the North West which NWAS doesn’t know about so if someone calls 999 in the event of a cardiac arrest, the Trust can’t direct them to the nearest one.

Therefore, people are being asked to take a picture of themselves next to a defib and to tweet it with the hashtag #findthedefib and their location, in the hope it will raise awareness and help save lives.

GMFRS' County Fire Officer Peter O’Reilly is leading by example (see picture above) and has tweeted his selfie. Peter took his selfie next to the defibrillator at GMFRS' headquarters – it is situated to the left of reception after you enter the main part of the building.

AEDs are small machines which can ‘shock’ a person’s heart into restarting and if this can be done in the vital first few minutes, patients have a 60-70 per cent chance of making a full recovery.

They are easy to use, easy to carry and they talk people through the process, which means they won’t deliver a shock unless it is required. There is no clinical training required to be able to use the machine.

So if you are out and about and see a defib, please join in the campaign and tweet a picture.


CFO O'Reilly's tweet

A spokesperson for NWAS said: “Forgotten, lonely, gathering dust and tucked away in a corner – that’s the sad fate of many life-saving defibrillators which have been installed with good intentions by well-meaning members of the public, business owners and clubs. Now it’s time to ‘find the defib’ and make sure every single one in the region is logged on North West Ambulance Service’s database so they can be used to save a life.”

GMFRS' CFO Peter O’Reilly added: “We are happy to support our colleagues at NWAS with this campaign, as we fully appreciate the importance of defibrillators in saving lives. Many of our staff are already familiar in how to use them and as we assist our NWAS colleagues in responding to cardiac arrests it is right we help to highlight where defibrillators are situated so more lives can be saved in our communities.” 

Last update: 23/03/2016 08:19:27
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