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Not a baaaaaad resc-ewe! Crew rescue sheep from Ramsbottom ravine

FIREFIGHTERS were called to rescue a runaway sheep that was stuck down a ravine in Ramsbottom.

Crew from Ramsbottom Fire Station and the Water Incident Unit from Eccles were called to Redisher Court shortly after 6pm on Thursday, March 26, 2015.

A sheep had somehow ended up stuck down a ravine and the RSPCA officer that was on the scene was struggling to get to it.

Ramsbottom Watch Manager Kris Bailey said: “A member of the public had spotted the sheep and contacted the RSPCA – the animal had been there for about three hours.

“It was culvert that’s part of a stream with about a 12 to 15ft drop either side. The RSPCA officer tried to get to the sheep but couldn’t reach it and called us for help.

“We worked with the boat crew from Eccles and managed to get the sheep up the ladder and using the rope rescue equipment we hoisted it out.

“The RSPCA officer then took the sheep into the back of his van and the animal was safe and well.

“We’ve no idea how it got there but it had tags on so the RSPCA was going to try and reunite it with its owner.”

RSPCA inspector Jason Bowles said: "I'd just like to thank Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service for their professionalism in dealing with this.

“When I arrived at the scene there was a man dangling from a rope trying to rescue the sheep!

"It was about a 15ft drop, so I certainly couldn't have done it without them.

"Happily, the sheep was unharmed and returned to its owner."

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service only attends animal rescues on request of the RSPCA or when a human life is in danger. 

Last update: 23/03/2016 08:19:31
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