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WOW! Award for Green Watch Heywood

GREEN Watch Heywood were presented with a Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) WOW! Award on Tuesday, August 19.

The team received a nomination for the support they provided to Katie Bartle and her family after a devastating car fire at their home.


PICTURED: Green Watch Heywood with far left Kim Leitch from WOW! Awards, far right Crew Manager Dave Dawson, rear second right Rochdale Borough Manager Paul Starling and nominator Katie Bartle with family

Katie said: "Green Watch and Station Manager Mark Doggett did a magnificent job providing support to us after the fire and invited the girls - Millie and Maisie - to visit the station to help them work through the traumatic incident."

Green Watch accepted their award from Rochdale Borough Manager Paul Starling and Kim Leitch of WOW! Ltd.

Over the last year GMFRS has piloted the WOW! Awards and invited members of the public to nominate staff for a WOW! award if they feel that an individual or team has particularly impressed them.

Whether it was for community engagement activity, a station visit, Home Safety Check or in response to an incident, GMFRS want people to tell them what they are getting right.

For more information, and to read more about GMFRS colleagues who have been nominated, visit the dedicated WOW! page on the website:

In her nomination Katie said: "After a car fire that affected our home in Middleton we were left devastated by the mess and disaster of not only the car but our home. Mark was a star in supporting us after the event and is a credit to have working for the fire service.

"Dave Dawson and Colin Moran invited us to Heywood station for my two girls both four and two to come see the team and help them work through their fears after the traumatic event.

"The whole team at Heywood were fantastic with the girls - and Dave and Colin both superstars. Thank you all for your support not only in the early hours but help with the aftereffects and support for the girls.

"You're all stars in my eyes and prove what an asset to the fire service you all are and how important your jobs are to everyone."

Last update: 23/03/2016 08:19:25
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