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Heroic trio congratulated for their bravery


THREE was a courageous crowd at Leigh Fire Station when a firefighter, a postman and a member of the public were congratulated for their bravery.

The triumphant trio were awarded Letters of Congratulation by County Fire Officer Steve McGuirk on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.

On the morning of Thursday, July 24, 2014 a fire began in the living room of a family home on Elm Avenue, Golborne.

A mother and two infant children were trapped inside the property. The mother in the burning living room and the children, a boy and girl aged two and four-years-old in an upstairs bedroom.

Mark Nassir a resident of Elm Avenue was alerted to the fire and pitched a ladder on the side of the house.

With little thought for his safety Mark climbed the ladder and rescued the two children from an upstairs bedroom.

Local postman Phil Turner was completing his daily rounds on Elm Avenue when he saw what was happening on the street.

Phil immediately went to the house and began to break through the front door. He broke the door down and entered the home.

Despite being faced with a well-developed fire on the ground floor of the property Phil quickly located the mother of the children and led her to safety. 

The family were taken to Wigan Royal Infirmary and have since recovered from their ordeal.

On receiving his Letter of Congratulations Phil said: “I’m highly honoured to receive this award – it’s really good.”

On Sunday, December 29, 2013 Firefighter Rick Thomson was driving past flats on Warrington Lane at around 6.40pm when he saw flames coming from a kitchen.

Rick immediately rang 999, but he could see the lady who lived inside the flat was trying to put out a chip pan fire with water.

Realising the urgency of the situation Rick jumped over the railings which surround the flats and ran towards the blaze.

The door to the woman’s flat was already open, but Rick was faced with a heavily smoke logged flat.

He quickly found the 71-year-old woman inside the flat, but she was disorientated and suffering from the effects of smoke.

Rick picked the lady up and carried her to safety. The woman was taken to Wigan Royal Infirmary and has since recovered from her ordeal.

On receiving his award Rick said: “I’m really honoured to receive this award. My watch have told me I owe them some cakes now, but I’m sure they’re all proud.”

CFO Steve McGuirk added: “It gives me great pleasure to recognise these acts of bravery. All three recipients thoroughly deserve their Letters of Congratulation.

“Their actions undoubtedly prevented a serious tragedy from unfolding during each incident. They are a credit to their communities.”   

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