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Firefighters attend several incidents after severe weather

Borough: All

Incident Date: 31 March 2015

FIREFIGHTERS have spent the night pumping out water from flooded buildings and making homes safe after severe weather hit Greater Manchester overnight.

In Leigh, the Technical Response Unit (TRU) was called to Ellenbrook Road in Worsley at 12.11am on Tuesday, March 31, where a 20ft tree had fallen onto a house.

The crew used a chainsaw to break the tree down and make the house safe – spending more than three hours on the scene.

Crew Manager Simon Cording said: “The tree had landed on the front of the house, causing damage to the house and a car next door. The couple inside luckily got out safely.

IMG_3646 (2).JPG

“However, they were due to go on a family holiday today and sadly won’t be able to as a result of the damage.

“An officer attended the incident and requested the TRU and we used our equipment to break the tree down and move it from the house. They had a lucky escape – it could have been much worse.”

At 8am this morning, crew attended Whitehill Street West, South Reddish in Stockport where a large tree branch was hanging over the roadway. Firefighters put a cordon in place and managed the traffic while they made the area safe.

A 92-year-old woman contacted Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) in distress after a cricket pitch cover had blown onto her conservatory in Coppice Close, Woodley in Stockport. Firefighters attended at 12.39am and removed the cover using a short ladder.

In Ramsbottom, firefighters attended Hillside Gardens in Summerseat at 9.45pm on Monday, March 30, where six properties were flooded. Crew pumped the water out and made the buildings safe.

Elsewhere, firefighters attended incidents in Bolton, Bury, Littleborough and Audenshaw – the details of these incidents are as follows:

• 9.16pm – Harwood Road, Bury. Flooding in a communal basement. Crew used a pump and lighting equipment.

• 10.28pm – St Catherine's Academy, Stitch-Mi-Lane, Bolton. Flooding to the fourth floor, lift shaft and main building of school. Crew isolated the electrics and used two pumps to protect the rest of the building.

• 12.26am – Hughes Street, Bolton. Firefighters attended a property where the chimney stack had blown over. They removed debris and the stack from the roof as it was a danger to the public.

• 12.47am – Bradshaw Conservative Club Lea Gate, Bolton. An officer attended and gave advice to contact a tree feller after a tree had fallen onto the building and damaged the roof.

• 1.08am – Calder Avenue, Littleborough. Firefighters attended flooding to five houses and spent more than an hour clearing the water.

• 1.50am – Manchester Road, Audenshaw. Flooding affecting the basement and the lift at a nursing home. Crew attended and isolated the lift but could not find the source of the water.

• 1.44am – Western Circle, Manchester – A large conifer branch had fallen onto fence panels in the back garden. An officer attended and gave advice to the occupier.

GMFRS Area Manager Tony Hunter said: “Winds are expected to pick up again in Greater Manchester today so please remove items such as gazebos and climbing frames from outdoors or secure them down.

“Only call 999 in an emergency – there may be other services you can call, for example, your local council, highways agency, local builders, or TV engineers.

“And please take extra care on the roads during heavy rain and strong winds and only drive if you really have to.”


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