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Chadderton house fire

Borough: Oldham

Incident Date: 24 August 2016

At 3.05pm on Wednesday, August 24, three fire engines, from Chadderton, Oldham and Hollins, were called to reports of a house fire in Aintree Walk.

On arrival at the terraced house firefighters could hear the smoke alarm sounding and noticed that a window was open on the first floor with smoke coming out.

Crew members gained entry to the house through the open window, using a ladder, and put out a smouldering pan fire, which had been left unattended, using a hose reel.

Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “Working smoke alarms are vital and we believe in this incident that it was a sounding alarm which brought the fire to possibly a passer-by or neighbour’s attention resulting in firefighters quickly arriving at the address and putting out the fire.

“The slightest distraction can give fire the chance to break out and we want to remind people never to turn their back on cooking.”

Firefighters also used a high pressure fan to remove smoke from the property.

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Last update: 24/08/2016 16:36:41
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